John McAdams - Laughing stock of the Internet? 
He's the Westboro Baptist Church of The JFK Research Community! 


...McAdams has neither the educational preparation nor the ability for such a position -- his language skills are abysmal; his analytical skills non-existent. Not only has he done no research whatsoever on the historical question he pretends to study, he has no knowledge of even the basics of a research methodology. Thus, McAdams himself argues against long established historical facts; on the other hand, he is incapable of doing the research necessary to either confirm or dispute such facts. - Debra Hartman


Who is Mcadams, CIA disinformation asset, or just plain Crackpot? - By Jim Hargrove Since Mcadams is known to use the alias "Paul Nolan" just how many other names has he used to deceive? He claims to be many things. A jet-propulsion expert, or Crackpot?
Here is what was discovered. 

McAdams is not just a fraud as a teacher. He is a corrupt man. - by Isabel Kirk 
And not merely corrupt; he is an evangelist for corruption and fraud. He has sought and enlisted disciples, and they employ his knowingly fraudulent "methodology" in their writing "assignments," many of which are posted to the website of Marquette University. 

John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago by Jim DiEugenio with Brian Hunt 

·  Part One

·  Part Two 
"McAdams did indeed make comments that were intended to imply that Gary Aguilar was a drug addict. 
IMO, they were deliberate, malicious and intended to smear the doctor." 

Mcadams Embarrassed at "The Education Fourm"- by John Simkin 
If you do any research of major figures in the JFK assassination via web search engines you will soon find yourself on John McAdams’ website. He is clearly the main disinformation source on the net. He adopts an academic tone and if one was not aware of the facts of the person or event he is writing about, one would think he has logically looked at the evidence available. He is therefore doing a successful job in misleading students about the JFK assassination. 

Remember that John McAdams was a representative of ICPSR - By Lisa Pease 

Reviews of John McAdams' JFK Assassination Logic: 

·  How to Think Like John McAdams - by David Mantik 
Despite his pompous claim to teach all of us how to think critically, McAdams offers not a single reference to standard works on logical fallacies. Nor does he ever present his unique credentials for this task. A 

·  Review - by Gary Aguilar, MD
Right off the bat, John McAdams displays a trait that skeptics find both common and infuriating among Warren Commission loyalists – blatant dishonesty. 

The Gospel According to John McAdams - by Pat Speer 

·  Review - by Frank Cassano 
…I suppose McAdams misremembered his real name when he was seen carousing around the 1995 COPA Conference using the assumed name of “Paul Nolan: Jet Propulsion Expert”? Comments on John Mcadams - by Michael T. Griffith 
It is my contention that most of McAdams’ claims are wrong 
and that in some cases McAdams presents information that is badly outdated. 

Critique #1 of John McAdams - by From Ken Vogler 

Critique #2 of John McAdams - by Jeff Orr 

Critique #3 of John McAdams 

Critique #4 of John McAdams 

The Professor at the distinguished university is an Academic Crackpot... 



From Richard Charnin:

Exposing John McAdams: World-class Professor of Disinformation


Debunking John McAdams "debunking" of Jim Marrs’ Witness List


JFK Dealey Plaza Witnesses: John McAdams Strange List


M.T. Griffith   


John Mcadams Pedophilia Scandle 
McAdams accuses group users of pedophilia and drug abuse? 

On LIne Insults Put Conduct @ Issue - by Tom Vandenbrrok of the Milwaukee -Journal Sentinel - March 24th 1996
A Marquette University professor who hurled profane insults has been chastised by university officials... 

Wikipedia Scandle 
John Mcadams flagged hundreds of time "conflict of interest.html" flags for his role 

Radio Debate: Host Anton Batey Tom Rosley vs mcadams 

Radio Debate: Host Paul Garson Greg Burnham vs mcadams 

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