Wisconsin Recall: As usual, the Final Exit Poll was forced to match an unlikely recorded vote


Richard Charnin


June 6, 2012


The media and the exit pollsters have done it again.


Before the first votes were posted, the media indicated that the election was “too close to call”. One must ask: why did the media not provide the actual exit poll crosstabs?. Was it because the exit polls are always "adjusted" to match the recorded vote and they did not want the public to view the adjustments?


The 53-47% Walker result was implausible since turnout exceeded the 2010 election. Common sense tells us that the grossly unpopular incumbent could not have done better this time.


And of course, there was no mention of the fraud factor. There never is. To the exit pollsters and the mainstream media, there is no such thing as election fraud.  The GOP employs overt voter disenfranchisement in plain sight by robocalls, election workers discouraged voters from using paper ballots, etc. But we are not supposed to believe that they would covertly program the voting machines to flip votes in cyberspace? Especially since the machines are manufactured and programmed by right-wing organizations using unverifiable code. 


Here are just a few exit poll oddities from the NY Times Election site:


1) A full 5% of voters were not white or black. But there is no indication of how they voted.

2) Philosophy: 13% of liberals voted for Walker?

3) Party ID: 34% Democrat/ 35% Republican in a progressive state?

4) Labor: Just 62% voted for Barrett?

5) 2012 presidential election: Obama preferred by 51-44%, yet Democrat Barrett lost the recall by 53-47%?

6) 2010 vote: 47% said they voted for Walker and just 34% for Barrett? Walker only “won” by 52-47% in 2010.

7) Urban vote: Only 62% for Barrett in the big cities?


If we assume an equal 75% Obama and McCain voter turnout in the recall, a 50/50 split in new and returning third party voters, then in order to match the recorded vote, Walker needed 28% of returning Obama voters while Barrett had just 5% of returning McCain voters. That is a very implausible net 23% defection of Obama voters.


The True Vote Model indicates that Barrett should have won easily – assuming the caveat of a fair election.

The election was stolen.